Lease Tracking & Renewals. Shouldn't your software track each and every detail of a lease including renewals? How about providing the ability to do renewal reminders or automatically renew a lease? IT CAN!

With so much to do on a daily basis, it can become difficult for property managers to remember every detail about their properties and tenants. Property Genie tracks all leases, along with lease expiration dates in order to make the lease renewal process simple and easy.


The screen shot below shows the Lease Details Screen that tracks each lease from start to finish.

The screen shot below shows Property Genie's Lease Renewal Screen that lists all the leases that are approaching their assigned end date. From this screen, property managers can either auto renew the lease, or generate a lease renewal letter to be sent to the tenants in order to renew their lease. Property managers can either select one lease, or all leases for document generation.

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