Legal Defense -- Why would a property management company need to worry about Legal Documentation or Legal Defense?

Property management is fraught with legal pitfalls. Oftentimes, prevailing in a legal challenge comes down to proving who was informed of what and when. Property Genie understands this reality, and so retains copies of ALL emails sent to owners, tenants and vendors. Included in that copy is the date and time stamp. Additionally, by enabling our Outlook Scan, Property Genie can scan your Outlook inbox and pull in copies of email responses that match email addresses in an owner, tenant or vendor’s contact information (MS Outlook is required for the Outlook Scan feature). Each email copy is “filed” under the specific owner, tenant or vendor.

Property Genie creates a document filing structure, and links to all documents created by the software. So, all of your critical documents like "3 Day Notices", "Renewal Notices" and various owner notifications are literally only a mouse click away.

Included in every Property Genie installation is an array of pre-formatted Word documents that cover many common legal requirements like adverse action letters, tenant approval letters and security deposit claim forms to name a few. All documents are fully editable so you can enter your own state’s legal requirements. These documents are linked to common, repetitive tasks like lease renewals, move out procedures, and inspections.

Property Genie even provides hard coded reminders for best practices, such as lock changes between tenants and date reminders for filing security deposit claims or refunds.

Our goal is for documentation to be as simple as the click of a button; you don’t realize how complete your documentation tracking is because it is so easy. But when you need “back up,” Property Genie has been there all along.

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