Property Genie is completely developed in a NED2 (Never Enter Data Twice) philosophy!

What is NED2?

NED2 stands for Never Enter Data Twice. Property Genie believes that data and information should only be entered into the software ONE time. Property Genie is considered the central nervous system of all property management operations. Property Genie takes in all data ONCE, and shoots it out to other software, programs, and outlets. Similarly, any data entered into the integrated website transfers directly into Property Genie.

How is NED2 beneficial for property managers?

The NED2 philosophy saves time in all areas of property management. Property managers, accountants, and administrative assistants all reap the benefits of the NED2 philosophy by eliminating the need for double entry what-so-ever. 

How does Property Genie implement this philosophy?

The NED2 Philosophy can be seen in the following areas and integrations within Property Genie:

QuickBooks Accounting - Property Genie creates all Customers, Jobs, Vendors and relative accounting data in QuickBooks. All charges, credits, and transactions transfer seamlessly to QuickBooks, without uploading or downloading data.

Online Applications - When prospective owners & tenants apply online through the Property Genie powered integrated website, the owner and tenant information instantly transfers into Property Genie.

Internet Marketing  - When modifying property information such as vacancy & amenities in Property Genie software, the information is instantly uploaded to the Property Genie powered integrated website with the click of a button. The same information can also be uploaded to and rentalhomesplus. All verbiage and pictures for the Property Genie powered website are modified within the software, as well.

Self-Populating Forms & Letters - Property Genie software automatically populates the included forms & letters with the applicable tenant, owner, or property information including all accounting information where necessary. When generating these documents, Property Genie does all the work, eliminating the need to look up information to include in the documents or letters.

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