Online Applications--How can you save literally hundreds of hours a year of your staff's time? EASY! Use the Property Genie integrated website to accept applications online.

Property Genie software includes an integrated website that not only helps property management companies market their available properties, but also allows tenants and owners to apply online, access their accounts online, and make payments online.

Tenant Application The integrated website included with Property Genie lists all available properties of the management company. From there, Property Genie gives prospective tenants the opportunity to instantly apply for that property online by filling out the Tenant Application. Once the form is submitted by the prospective tenant, all the tenant’s information is seamlessly transferred into Property Genie listing them as a prospective tenant. This eliminates wasted time entering data. The tenant information can then be sent out straight through the software to perform a background check - we integrate with both Online Rental Exchange and Lexus Nexus Resident Data.

Owner Application The Property Genie powered integrated website helps to not only gain new tenants, but also aids in the acquisition of new owners. In just three steps, property owners can sign their property up with a management company. The online application includes the Owner Information Form, Property Information Form, and the Management Agreement Form. Once this online application is submitted by the property owner, all the owner’s information is seamlessly transferred into Property Genie.

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