Property Reviews (Inspections)--Shouldn't the scheduling, reporting, completion, and documentation associated with your reviews be part of your management software? With Property Genie, IT IS!

Property Genie provides a complete, start to finish, property review system that allows your managers to schedule, notify, perform, and document all reviews with ease and efficiency.

Property Reviews and Inspections are a very large part of a property manager's responsibilities. The industry standard process is to perform inspections during a tenants stay. At a minimum, property managers should perform the following regularly scheduled reviews.

Minimum Recommended property reviews during a one year lease period:

Although reviews take a substantial amount of time and effort to coordinate and perform, they are an absolute necessity in order to protect the property owner, tenant, and very importantly the property manager.

Property Genie assists the property managers in a number of ways in order to achieve a smooth and efficient review process. Reviews are scheduled on each property individually. At that time, the software will use the tenant information to create a review notification that should be mailed to the tenant notifying them of an impending review. The letter will provide the tenant with the review date and time. The review itself is performed based on a report that is created from within the software. The report ensures that the manager has a list of items to review during the visit as well as ensure that the same things are reviewed each and every time a review is performed.

Once a review has been completed, the Property Genie software provides managers the ability to store review pictures. Pictures are stored under a general heading for comparison with later reviews. For example the heading "Front of Home" could be used to store review photos of the front of the home. This way each and every review performed will have a front of home photo that can be viewed at a later time for comparison. This works especially well when trying to convey damage or issues to owners or tenants. If during the current review damage was found on the front of the home that was not in the previous review, the property manager may easily assess repair fees to the tenant with full documentation as to when the damage was or was not previously visible.

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