Property Genie Short Term & Vacation Rentals.

Do you rent vacation homes, cabins or campgrounds by the day, week or month?

If you do, then look no further than Property Genie. This is your solution for short term residential property management software.

Short Term - Vacation Property Management includes:

To manage your short term rental needs in Property Genie simply activate the feature. With short term rentals activated you can now check guests in and out through the short term reservations.

Check Guests in and out, manage all of the billing, payments to the property owner, schedule inspection and cleanup services all through Property Genie.

But that is not all. When you mark a property available for rent on a short term basis, the property will appear on the short term rentals page of your website! Here Guests can read about your available short term properties, set their rental dates and select the properties they would like to reserve. Once they have paid their security deposit the registration will appear in Property Genie and email you a confirmation of the reservation.

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