The Property Genie Technical Support Team

As you have made your way through the Property Genie website, we hope you have come to the realization that the Property Genie team is truly committed to the long term success of our Property Management and Real Estate clients. This commitment is a way of business for Property Genie. We structured our pricing directly on the ability to assist and retain long term Property Management clients. With this goal in mind, we have structured our technical support services around our clients' success as well. As long as you are a user of our property management software you will receive unlimited technical support in every aspect of property management.

The Property Genie philosophy does not follow the typical software industry model. We believe our product is truly the best Property Management software available on the market, but this does not mean our clients's won't have questions. Now in the typical software model, companies provide limited technical assistance to new clients but in depth assistance is provided as an additional revenue stream, Property Genie works on a whole new concept.

Here are a few questions that we would like for you to consider. How many times have you worked with a software in the past and come to a problem that seems so simple, yet you can't figure it out? How many times have you spent hours finding out the answer to a question only to find that to get that answer either costs you in actual money or more importantly costs you time, which we will point out is difficult to get back?

The team at Property Genie is available at a minimum from 9 to 5 EST Monday through Friday. We also attempt to assist as many clients as possible outside of these times in order to ensure the absolute best customer service and productivity for our Property Managers. We ask that you put us to the test -- Call our technical support line at 407-878-4977 or email right now and see if one of our experienced technical support team members either answers you or calls you right back. Just leave your name and number and test us on how long it takes to return the call.

The Property Genie team is committed to all of our existing and prospective clients and will do everything we can to ENSURE your success.

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