The Property Genie software provides a fully integrated easy to use website to each client.

When we say we provide a website, we mean a complete marketing site that is your very own site. Why waste time maintaining your online presence when Property Genie can do it for you. The website that comes with Property Genie is your website. It has your logo, your properties, and your services only.

What does "FULLY INTEGRATED" mean?

The Property Genie software is designed with a NED2 "Never Enter Data Twice" Philosophy. What this means is that we give you the ability to be as efficient as possible with your time. This is accomplished by allowing technology to work in your favor and making sure that your software automates activities that require the same information to be used --- This includes your marketing and your website. Traditionally, property managers have to manage their marketing and website seperately of their in-office accounting and activities. Additionally, property managers traditionally have to enter all of the data for owners, tenants, payments, etc. into their software manually. Fully integrated in this case means that your website is part of your software solution. Data entered in the office can automatically be shown on the internet and data gathered on the internet through tenant applications, owner applications, and payments is immediately available within the software. Another part of this is that all of your marketing is handled from within the software by the click of a button. Lets explain this further through some screen shots and real world examples.

The following screen shot shows the home page of our included website powered by Property Genie. As you can see, this website allows owners and tenants to access their accounts via the Owner & Tenant Portals. In addition, tenants can browse your available properties and apply to rent them online through the Tenant Application. Furthermore, owners can apply and sign their properties up with your company through the Owner Application.

The next two screen shots below shows how the website integrates with the information provided in Property Genie. The first screen shot below shows the integrated website's Available Properties Page, specifically the available property 1046 Alpug Ave. This property is listed on the website as being a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. The rent is $2,500 a month, and is available 12/1/10. This webpage also shows a few pictures of 1046 Alpug Ave. Where did the website pull this information from? PROPERTY GENIE! The second screen shot shows where exactly your website got it's information from. This screen shot is the Marketing Screen within Property Genie software. All the information in this screen for 1046 Alpug Ave is uploaded straight to WebGenie (Property Genie's included integrated website). By clicking "Available To Show," the property is instantly put up on the website under available properties, or taken down. At the bottom of the screen, click the and/or RentalHomesPlus boxes to upload property to those major marketing websites.

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