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What our clients are saying. . .

“I LOVE Property Genie!  It’s easy, efficient and combines everything required for property management.”
Century 21 Birchwood International

“Property Genie has created so many efficiencies for our daily operations that we now have time to actually grow our business rather than managing it!”
­Douglas Realty

“Balancing our security deposit account is a snap with Property Genie’s Security Deposit Activity report.  It takes me 5 minutes to balance. A real WOW is how the online tenant application automatically populates in Genie.  The owners’ statements online are great too!”
Rental Home Management Services

“Customer Service is great.  They  are so cool!”
Orlando Realty & Property Management

“I like it that Property Genie is set up to be a complete system. . .I have given others information about Property Genie.”
Northeast Florida Realty

“Property Genie thinks like a property manager!”
Pelican Property Management

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Property Genie is built using Microsoft Smart Client Technology, a sophisticated development paradigm which eliminates the “browser” (i.e., Internet Explorer) from web-based applications. The smart client app is installed once on each PC, Net Book or Laptop and then updated automatically when new releases or service packs are available. This results in less traffic between the user and the hosted servers, faster system navigation and a more tolerant interface that does not drop data changes, like a browser would, when an Internet connection is temporarily interrupted (e.g. with sporadic wireless connectivity). While the technology excites the techies, our users focus on the features and benefits to their operation: Faster response times and more stable day to day use.

Property Genie Property Management software was designed by property managers for property managers! Property Genie is the best full featured residential property management software available on the market today. Best of all, The Property Genie software integrates with Quickbooks -- seamlessly.

Eliminate wasted time from your operations!  Property Genie automates the most time consuming tasks associated with property management, so you can manage more properties, in much less time.  Plus, our software was designed with the NED2 philosophy, (Never Enter data twice!) so you won’t spend any time reentering data from one software to another.  Put the data in one time, and it is in your Accounting, Outlook, website, and recordkeeping, reporting and Management systems all at once.

The Property Genie Property Management Software was truly designed by property managers.

Key Features included in the Property Genie Software

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